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Quotations #28:  from the Movies
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Memorable Lines from the Movies

(1,579 entries, updated July, 2020)
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    Quite a few of these are part of the American collective subconscious - not necessarily because everyone has seen the movies, but because some of these have been re-cycled or parodied to such an extent that, like urban fokelore, almost everyone knows it, but almost no one knows where it comes from or what it means.

    As always this is just a sampling. There are some movies - The Princess Bride or A Christmas Story, as examples, with so much quotable material that to do them true justice, we would have to include more than half the script.

    In 2005 the American Film Institute did one of its polls to select the 100 most memorable lines from the movies. Many of the candidates are included below, along with some of the winners. Ever wondered what the most quoted movie is?


    Well, now you know.


    Access this collection through the alphabetical titles list above.

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