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Poets' Corner
Poets' Corner
With over 7,300 works online - one of the finest collections of anything on the Web - thanks to the contributions of Bob Blair, Nelson Miller, Jon Lachelt, Steve Spanoudis, and others. Online since 1994 - fully updated in June 2020 with new features and format.

The Quotations Home Page
The Quotations Home Page
With over 29,700 entries - award winning and one of the best resources of its kind on the web. Online since 1994 - fully updated in July 2020 with a cleaner format.

UniVerse U n i V e r s e
UniVerse - a home for contributions by contemporary poets.
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Eagle Regiment Eagle Regiment
A Facebook fan page for members and fans of the award-winning Eagle Regiment marching band from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Stallion Band Stallion Band
A web site for members and fans of the CSMS Stallion Band and Orchestra under the direction of Luis Piccinelli. There is also a Facebook fan page HERE.

Seminole Nation Image Archive Seminole Image Archive
Not the indian tribe or the college sports teams.
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Last edited 1 - 24- 2020 by SLS

A note on the cover painting - The Rock by Peter Blume (1948, Art Institute of Chicago) - This site had revolving covers until I decided this was the one that best represented its intent. While the AIC itself admits that Blume's imagery resists easy interpretation, I think at least part of the allegory is clear - don't lose sight of what is important amidst the chaos that surrounds you. What was true during the turmoil of post-war reconstruction (in a societal, as well as a physical sense) is equally true today.

Note that most of the recent activity - and especially the new image content - has moved to Facebook and Tumblr - see the links in the header.

My recent writing projects - the books in The Republic of Dreams - are available on my author page on Amazon. If you have read one of the volumes and liked it, please leave a comment on Amazon or GoodReads. Thanks. --Steve

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The Other Pages
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954Sunset on Tumblr
Images from at home and around the world

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The Omnivorous Food Blog.

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Local Music.

954Photo on Tumblr
Random photo essays.

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Beautiful Images II Beautiful Images
Over 100 digital Images from around the world for your computer desktop or screen saver. From the museums of London to the temples of Malaysia , from Florida's beaches to the Old City of Jerusalem.

100 Beautiful Images 100 Beautiful Images
The original online photo collection, with images contributed by Amy Shipman, Jim Rioux, Teresa Bzdyk, and Louis Spanoudis. From the Red Fort to Athens to Trinidad to the Red River Gorge - 100 images from around the U.S. and around the world. Online since 1994.

100 Beautiful Images Digital Paintings
Digitally created paintings based on high resolution digital photographs.

Photo Essays Photo Essays
A selection of photo essays - some with a theme and some without - in color, black & white, and neon. Online since 1985.

Rendered Images Rendered Images
A selection of computer generated images renered in Vue Easel and Esprit. Images are based on light interactions with interactively designed materials, objects, atmospheres and landscapes.
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From the Cellar & Attic
(Various old projects)

First Attempt
Verses by Steve (a brave move for an editor to put his works on display)

The Other Weblog
Images, Quotations, Poetry and Editorials in a searchable blog, indexed by date and by content.

Poems by Nick
From when he was, like, eight years old. (He was published not long afterward)

I Spy
A colorful game for small children or very bored adults.

Trivial Waste of Time
Finally a game that admits the obvious - for really, really bored adults. Some answers may have changed over time.

Travels in Greece
An unfinished travelogue. A few nice photos.

Teach Your Children What it Means to Have Fun
An unfinished resource guide for parents; oddly more pertinent now in the Xbox/iPhone/Facebook age than when it was started -- now we are living in times where TV commercials tell children they should play an hour a day whether they like it or not.

Much may be done in those little shreds and patches of time, which every day produces, and which most men throw away, but which nevertheless will make at the end of it no small deduction for the life of man.
--C. C. Colton