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Quotations #11:  Wisdom
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Words of Wisdom

(365 entries, updated July, 2020)

This collection contains words of wisdom on various subjects. Wisdom, frankly, can be hard to listen to. It often has an 'I told you so' message, or worse yet, an 'I would have told you so but you wouldn't have listened' message. Wisdom is also largely a pessimist's field, by the way. This collection has many positive quotes, but there are many more like this one from Hegel, "We learn from history that we do not learn from history."

Similar material, in more concise form, is also available under aphorisms. Another complementary format would be advice, since much wisdom is conveyed in that format. (Please note that the Advice collection is not limited to 'good' advice - so please use caution.)

Because of the popularity of the 'I told you so' or wisdom-after-the-fact format, another complementary format is actually sarcasm. One might argue successfully that this collection acutally covers the middle ground -- not always a wise place to be.


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