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Recent Quotations - to the Present Day

(482 entries, overdue for a content update)

This was the original collection that started all the other collections. Miscellaneous quotations from 1989 to 2010, as taken from or reported by news and feature magazines, recent books, newspapers, television and radio programs, and unidentified alien visitors from Mars. (Sorry, another Weekly World News reference). I intend to add more quotes from the most recent decade once I am finished with bringing everything to current HTTPS standards. And yes, I realize that quotes from the past four years in particular are a bit contentious. Heu.

You will not find most of these quotes in any collection of 'great' or 'famous' quotations. (Though you may find that other web sites have copied them from here). Some are meaningless if taken out of context. You will, however, find them humorous, inspiring, exasperating, captivating, and, at times, amazingly ironic in light of circumstances or later events.

Some of these quotes are by noted figures in politics, industry, academia, and the media. Others are by rather ordinary, everyday people, facing whatever life throws at them - from the road crew straightening out street signs after hurricane Charlie, to the pregnant skydiver whose tangled chute plunged her face-first into an asphault parking lot at 50 miles per hour.

Read on, and decide for yourself whether you want to laugh, cry, or find some other way to express your exasperation.


Listed alphabetically by author / speaker:

Notes: (1) The collection is alphabetical by what appears to be the last name, though there are a healthy dose of 'Anonymous' quotes; (2) A few entries are purposely out of order - they have more value in relationship to adjacent material

A note on source annotation: NYT = New York Times, Time = Time Magazine, WP = Washington Post, NPR = National Public Radio, AP = Associated Press; BBC = the British Broadcasting Company; CNC = the Canadian Broadcasting Company; MSNBC = Microsoft/National Broadcasting Company news partnership; SS = Sun Sentinel Newspaper; other sources as noted

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