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A Quick Sampler

    If you only have time for a short visit, here is a list of two dozen shorter poems. Some are well known classics, and some memorable for their use of language, their ideas, or the images they evoke.

    Sample just a few. They just may entice you to come back for a longer visit. Most of these are also excellent selections for reading aloud.                 --Steve

    Some Reading Suggestions:

    1. Bread and Music , by Conrad Aiken - understanding what another's absence truly means

    2. Before an Examination , by Stephen Vincent Benet

    3. She Walks in Beauty , by Lord Byron - often quoted and often remembered

      John Masefield

    4. Say Not the Struggle Naught Availeth , by Arthur Hugh Clough - a strong dose of encouragement

    5. In Just-Spring , by e.e. cummings

    6. I love to see it lap the miles , by Emily Dickinson

    7. Brahma , by Ralph Waldo Emerson - what is real and what is only perceived

    8. The Roman Road , by Thomas Hardy

    9. Invictus , by William Ernest Henley - 'unvanquished' - a poem on strength of will and resolution

    10. October's Bright Blue Weather , by Helen Hunt Jackson

    11. Piano , by D.H. Lawrence - the bittersweet nature of sound and memory

    12. Snow-flakes , by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow - another, more subtle exercise of sound and rythm

    13. The Listeners , by Walter de la Mare - a promise kept

    14. Sea Fever , by John Masefield - a very frequently quoted poem

    15. Tavern , by Edna St. Vincent Millay - future plans from past memories

    16. The Garrett , by Ezra Pound

    17. A Flower of Mullein , by Lizette Woodworth Reese

    18. Clif Klingenhagen , by E.A. Robinson

    19. Requiem , by Christina Rosetti - dealing with loss

    20. Monotone , by Carl Sandburg - how the sound of words can sometimes echo their meaning

    21. Requiem , by Robert Louis Stevenson - perhaps the most famous of all epitaphs

    22. Crossing the Bar , by Alfred, Lord Tennyson - another frequently remembered poem, similar in sentiment though different in tone from Invictus

    23. Solitude , by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

    24. He Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven, by William Butler Yeats - a love poem, of sorts, for the rich of heart though poor of pocket

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