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Thankyou to all of our contributors from around the world. The letters in paranthesis () after each poem in the Author index indicates who contributed it to the collection. Some, including Art, Chuck, and Joshua, have contributed many works and some commentary as well. Here is the key to our volunteers:

  1. Patsy Anderson (PA)
  2. Dan Archibald (DA)
  3. David Ballard (DBA)
  4. Joshua F. Boitnott (JFB)
  5. Jan Boldt (JB)
  6. Scott Boros (SB)
  7. Susan Barr (SUB)
  8. Francois Boudreau (FB)
  9. David Brinker (DB)
  10. Katherine Bryant (KB)
  11. Gill Burke (GB)
  12. Simon Cauchi (SC)
  13. Ardella Crawford (AC)
  14. Joe Churcher (JC)
  15. Filippo Cipriani (FC)
  16. Cheryl Gastald (CG)
  17. Lionel Artom-Ginzburg (LAG)
  18. Will Grimes (WG)
  19. Brian Habing (BTH)
  20. Bill Hooker (BH)
  21. John Hobson (JH)
  22. Todd Israel (TI)
  23. Caroline Katzin (CK)
  24. Arthur Kay (AK)
  25. Daniel Klein (DK)
  26. Adriana Larkin (AL)
  27. Jon Lachelt (JL)
  28. Michael Lyman (ML)
  29. Edward Marx (EM)
  30. John McDonnell (JM)
  31. Nelson Miller (NM)
  32. Sean Miller (SM)
  33. Paul Nygard (PN)
  34. John Mark Ockerbloom (JMO)
  35. Jennifer Rubertino (JR)
  36. Paul Kincaid-Smith (PKS)
  37. Chuck Stevens (CS)
  38. Evelyn Stewart (ES)
  39. Nitin Suri (NS)
  40. Michael Sweeney (MS)


A brief overview of the volunteer editors that created Poets' Corner":


Bob Blair
is a software architect living in Killeen Texas. Bob has contributed an enormous amount of well-selected (and well edited) material; his contributions and recommendations were key to the growth of the collection throughout its formative years. Bob also maintained the Daily Poetry Break (DPB) for several years, providing incisive commentary on a wide range of topics and responding to reader questions. Bob currently maintains several Special Collections, with a site at Geocities with annotated texts and anthologies, and another site at Fooguru containing a collection of historical texts.


Jon Lachelt
is a software engineer living in Fort Collins, Colorado. His interest poetry was kindled by a Great Aunt reading poems aloud. In addition to his contributions of material, Jon applied his organizational and programming skills and designed and created several indexes that make the collection easier to navigate. The Title, First Line, and Combined index files are invaluable tools, as is Jon's Subject index, which he has also populated and annotated. Nowadays Jon is more likely to be found rock climbing than editing.


Howard (Nelson) Miller
is a retired English professor living in Macon, Georgia. Nelson was a regular and substantial contributor, and also a diligent researcher. Much of the original publishing research was done by Nelson, whose efforts are a big part of the main Author Index. Nelson also gave us a format and a start to the poets' biographies, and was the person who answered by far the most reader inquiries over the years. To appreciate this properly, understand that this effort pre-dates most of Wikipedia, Google Books, and project Gutenburg. Nowadays he can be found blogging at The Jackdaw's Nest and The Compost Heap. Nelson also contributes his editing and interviewing skills as well as some of his own work to The Avatar Review.


Steve Spanoudis
runs a machine shop and lives in Coral Springs, Florida on the eastern edge of the everglades. He began Poets' Corner and The Other Pages as part of an experimental collection of web sites in 1994 and continues to edit and maintain the collection. He also maintains a related Blog and a Facebook Fan Page for The Other Pages.

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