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Quotations #12:  from Poetry
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The Best Words in the Best Order

(495 entries, updated July, 2020)

There are two poetry collections included here at the Quotations Home Page. One, collection #4, Poets' Corner, has long since taken on a life of its own and contains literally thousands of works by hundreds of authors. This is the second collection, and contains excerpts from poetry - the memorable bits, first lines or 'punch lines', neatly separated out for the benefit of those needing something more easily searchable or those with shorter attention spans.

Because these are excerpts and generally not full works, fair use applies, and samples from some modern day works are included. Hopefully more will be added over time. I would like to give a special thanks to Nelson Miller for his many contributions.


Listed alphabetically by poet - click on the alphabetical index above to access the collection.

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