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Lives of the Poets: R
Compiled by Nelson Miller

  1. Lizette Woodworth Reese
    [Jan. 9, 1856 -- Dec. 17, 1935]
    American poet, novelist, and teacher; taught English from 1873 to 1921; her first poem was published in 1874; her first volume of poetry A Branch of May published in 1887, followed by A Handful of Lavender in 1891 and A Quiet Road in 1896; twenty-four years of poetic inactivity followed, except for occasional poems in periodicals; then Spicewood appeared in 1920, Wild Cherry in 1923, Little Henrietta, a long narrative poem, in 1927, White April and Other Poems in 1930, and Pastures and Other Poems in 1933, with The Old House in the Country published posthumously in 1936.

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