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Lives of the Poets: G
Compiled by Nelson Miller

  1. William Davis Gallagher
    [August 21, 1808 - June 27, 1894]
    American poet, journalist, and editor; associated with more than a dozen important midwestern newspapers and literary journals in correspondent and editorial roles; abolitionist and political activist; delegate to national convention which nominated Lincoln in 1860; edited earliest volume of midwestern poetry in 1840.

  2. Richard Garnett
    [Feb. 27, 1835--April 13, 1906]
    English poet, scholar, and librarian; employed by British Museum in 1851, rising to become "Superintendent of the Reading Room" 1875-1884, editor of the General Catalogue of Printed Books 1881-1890, and "Keeper of Printed Books" 1890-1899; published numerous critical articles on English and German literature as well as monographs on Milton, Carlyle, Emerson, and Blake, a History of Italian Literature, and a number of other works including biographies and bibliographical studies; also published a number of volumes of poetry, both translations and original works.

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