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    Links to The Other Pages:

  1. The Davis Family Web Page

  2. Robin's Homepage List

  3. Diana MacLellan's Home Page

  4. Hermann Oliveira Rodrigues Home page

    Links to I Spy:

  5. Alamance County, North Carolina Kids Page

  6. Alvarado Elementary School, Union City, California

  7. American Library Association Sites for Children

  8. Berit's Best Sites for Children (Theodore Tugboat)


  10. Canton Public Library Youth Page (Canton, Michigan)

  11. Chris' Page

  12. Christnet- Youth Section

  13. C Liu's page at Caltech

  14. Columbian Kindergarten Center

  15. Corvallis Public Library - Preschooler's Page (Corvallis, Oregon)

  16. First Grade Bookmarks (Mountain Brook, Alabama)

  17. Gwinnett County Public Library (Georgia)

  18. The Internet Kids & Family Yellow Pages

  19. Karissa's Playroom

  20. Kidspots

  21. Lagniappe

  22. The Mining Company family Internet Guide

  23. Monroe County, Michigan First Grade Bookmarks

  24. Monroe County, Michigan Public Library Children's Services

  25. Munchkinland

  26. Niños A Boardo - Children On Board (Mexico)

  27. Quadra Net Children's Page

  28. Robin's FYI: Kid's Stuff Pages

  29. San Jose Public Library

  30. School ExpressKids Activities and Information Page

  31. Thomas the Tank Engine Page

  32. Tiarra's Favorite Links For Kids

  33. T-Net Children's Page

  34. Vancouver Public Library - Children's Library Page

  35. The Virtual School Just for Kids Page

  36. Western Canada Child Care Links

    Links to Cyberlinks:

  37. Division Street Library, Knoxville, Tennessee

  38. Mad Cat Associates - Beginner's Basics

  39. Medfield, Massachusettes Library

    Links to Trivia:

  40. Amy Duncan-Carr's Home Page

  41. Laurie Jersey's Hot Links

    Links to Poetry:

  42. Behavioral Neurology Lab, Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (Brazil)

  43. Bob's Byways

  44. Cafe' Amorosa

  45. Carey's Entertainment Links

  46. Ceres High School Home Page (Ceres, California)

  47. Chico High School Library (Chico, California)

  48. Chris Firth's Place (Singapore)

  49. Christine O'Connell George Favorite Links

  50. Cincinnati Network

  51. The Deep Thinkers Club at Bradley University

  52. Elizabeth Donley's Home Page (Switzerland)

  53. English Department, Mansfield University (Pennsylvania)

  54. FCS-Net Books & Literature

  55. The Feed Trough - Pigheaded About Poetry

  56. Fun Page

  57. Gosford Hill School Poets and Poetry Page (Oxford, England)

  58. Goteborg University Links to Literature (Sweden)

  59. Graceful Bee Song, Lyrics & Quotations Links

  60. Guffey's Reference Tools

  61. Henry T. Gage Middle School - Whiz Kids Page (Los Angeles, California)

  62. Henry County, Missouri, Public Library

  63. Humanist Art Homepage by Lucius Furius

  64. The Hungry Reader

  65. Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library

  66. Jim Greenlaw's English Language Arts Page (Canada)

  67. Katherine's Not Useful Links

  68. Kiplings 'If' Page (Denmark)

  69. Ladyrod's Mirage

  70. Lazyboy's Rest Stop: Poetry Corner

  71. Lyrik Kabinett Online (Munich, Germany)

  72. Martindale's "The Reference Desk"

  73. Medfield, Massachusettes Library

  74. Montgomery C. Smith Middle School Literature Resources Page

  75. Mount Miguel Library (California)

  76. Muscling Tenses

  77. Nebraska School District 7

  78. Neurotic Poets Links Page

  79. Northwestern University English Department: Modern Literature (British) Pagee

  80. Northwestern University English Department: Restoration and 18th Century Literature

  81. Northwestern University English Department: American Literature (19th Century)

  82. Not Useful Links

  83. Panoramas en el Ciberspacio (Chile)

  84. Peter Rouget Middle School 88 - Online Books Page (Brooklyn, New York)

  85. The Poetry Corner - Christian Poetry

  86. A Poetry-Lover's Guide To the World-Wide Web, Pre-1950

  87. Religious Studies page in South Africa

  88. Rhodes College English Network Resources

  89. Santa Barbara County Education Office - Literature Resources

  90. San Jose State University Master of Arts in English

  91. SCS Explorers Team Sites Web Page

  92. Spirit Net Links Page

  93. Storm Grove Press

  94. Teachers Helping Teachers

  95. The Telson Spur - Guide for Snark Hunters - one of the finest sites for launching a search

  96. Thomas Hardy Society of North America

  97. Twentieth Century Poetry in English - Michael Eiichi Hishikawa (Kobe University, Japan)

  98. The Twin Cities Church of God (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

  99. University of Pennsylvania - Eighteenth-Century E-Texts

  100. Vixie's Sitting Room

  101. Voice of the Shuttle (Santa Barbara, California)

  102. Works of Sir John Davies

  103. Washington University at St. Louis Library

  104. Waterloo Public Library - Literature and Reading Page (Waterloo, Iowa)

  105. Waterboro Public Library (Waterboro, Maine)

  106. Yellow Dream Literature

  107. Zacharias P. Thundy's Home Page at Northern Michigan University

    Links to Quotations:

  108. ABC Central ENGLISH/ WRITING page

  109. Accelerated Schools Project, Research Page (Missouri)

  110. African American Literature Book Club: Martin Luther King

  111. Alfred Hitchcock Page (Brazil)

  112. The Amazing Spam's Cool Hotlist (Colorado)

  113. Amy's Links

  114. Anita's Attic (Lincoln University, Pennsylvania)

  115. Arne Herløv Petersens Bogmærker [bookmarks] (Denmark)

  116. Beck's Cool Links

  117. Beth's Home Page

  118. Big Dog's Human Resource Development Link Page

  119. Binghanmton University Library - Virtual Reference Desk (Binghamton, New York)

  120. B.J.'s hotlists: Amusements

  121. B.J. Pinchbeck's Homework Helper

  122. Blackstone Library

  123. Cape Girardeau, Missouri Homepage

  124. Carl Sandburg Middle School (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

  125. Carol Singer's Bookmarks

  126. Cherry Bomb's Bookmarks

  127. Cheshire Center for Technology, Dewey Decimal Search Pages (Keene. New Hampshire)

  128. Christianity Explained Pastor's Help Page

  129. Cool Safe Links for Kids, Parents, and Teachers

  130. Cyber-Quotations by Samn Lau

  131. David Guertin's Bookmarks

  132. Department of Chemistry, Chemistry 104 -- Home Page (Brynmawr)

  133. Division Street Library Writing Page (Knoxville, Tennessee)

  134. Dordt College Library - Reference Shelf (Albany, New York)

  135. Dragon Quotes

  136. Elektronische Veroeffentlichungen (Germany)

  137. Emmyjo's *Smile-N-Nod* An Index to My Soul

  138. Broward Community College - English and Foreign Languages (Broward County, Florida)

  139. Ester länkar (Sweden)

  140. Faye Dunaway Page (Brazil)

  141. F & B Manager's Newsletter

  142. Fourbakers Bakery Cafe (Columbus, Ohio) --they make good Napoleons

  143. Fun Page

  144. Graceful Bee Songs, Lyrics, and Quotation Links

  145. Guffey's Reference Tools

  146. Harry Dodds' Eclectic Links

  147. Health Sciences Center, University of Texas (Houston, Texas)

  148. Hellpunk's Miscellaneous Links

  149. Hot Entertainment Links (Belguim)

  150. Home Builders Association of Connecticut, Inc.

  151. Homework Help Page, Nassau Library (Uniondale, New York)

  152. Humor and Life, in Particular

  153. Humor And Other Fun Stuff

  154. Ian Albert's Links Page

  155. Internet Reference and Resource Page - Symplex Courier Systems, Inc.

  156. In-Search-Of Quotable Quotes

  157. Institutionen för brandteknik (Fire Safety), "Användbara länkar" Page (Sweden)

  158. Jaslin Group Hobby Links

  159. Jonas Edén's Bookmarks

  160. J. Schwartz's Links Page

  161. Juanar's Mega URLs (Germany)

  162. Juliano Junio Viana's Bookmarks (Brazil)

  163. Justin Chase's Bookmarks

  164. Kestrel's Home Page

  165. Kevin Heard's Home Page

  166. Kodie's Quotation Resources Page

  167. Konstigheter Links Page (Sweden)

  168. Lance's Favorite Cool Links

  169. Literary Landscapes

  170. Lloyd Unsell, Jr.'s Bookmarks

  171. Margaret's Quotations Page (Australia)

  172. Marilee's Personal Page

  173. Martindale's "The Reference Desk"

  174. Mary's Illustrious Collection of Quote Pages

  175. Max Ehinger's Favourite Quotations Page

  176. The MaxFury Page

  177. McFarlin Reference Center - Quotations

  178. Medfield, Massachusettes Library

  179. Me Stuff Page

  180. Mickel Library Reference Shelf, Converse College (Spartanburg, South Carolina)

  181. Mr. Barnard's Cool Sites

  182. Nebraska School District 7: Language Arts Resources

  183. Oklahoma Department of Libraries

  184. Out Links Page

  185. Overstappen; (Netherlands)

  186. Pacific Northwest National Laboratory - Author's Guide

  187. Panoramas en el Ciberespacio (Chile)

  188. Pekin, Illinois Public Library

  189. Phraser

  190. Plough Library at Christian Brothers University (Memphis, Tennessee)

  191. The Quotation Guide

  192. Quotation Resources, Links and Research Service

  193. Quotations Archive

  194. The Quotations Page [Michael Moncour]

  195. Russell Sage College Writing Center

  196. Science and Faith Page (Austria)

  197. Science and Technology Quotations (U. of Deleware)

  198. Science, Technology, and Society Course at Penn State University

  199. Simply Sarah's Learning Zone

  200. SocioSite: Language Resources (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

  201. Spiffy Stuff

  202. Sports Psychology and Track and Field Page

  203. Stefan Winkler's Favorite Quotations (Switzerland)

  204. Storm Writing Resources

  205. Literary Links (Sweden)

  206. Swans Page

  207. Sxeticos Quotations and Proverbs Page

  208. University of Pittsburgh - Information Sciences Library

  209. The Tavern

  210. Traffic Planning & Engineering Library, Lund University (Sweden)

  211. Useful Stops on the Internet (Loveland, Colorado)

  212. Victoria University Library (Melbourne, Australia)

  213. Washington University at St. Louis Library

  214. Western Cape Schools - Language Page (Oudtshoorn, South Africa)

  215. William A. Johnson's Bookmarks

  216. William Woods University Library (Fulton, Missouri)

  217. Winnemucca Start Page (Winnemucca, Nevada)

  218. Wisconsin All-computer Users Club

  219. Wisdom of the Ages

  220. Wolf Carnahan's Bookmarks

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